The Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan supports the creation of five National Centers dedicated to frontier research related to technological areas consistent with the priorities of the European research agenda and with the contents of the National Research Plan 2021-2027. One of these is the National Biodiversity Future Center.

The Vision of NBFC is to promote the sustainable management of Italian biodiversity in order to improve the planet’s health and return beneficial effects, essential for all people.

The general mission of the Consortium is to create an extended national network of universities, research centers, associations, and other private and societal stakeholders to take effective and immediate action to halt the loss of biodiversity and the impairment of its delivered ecosystem services while enhancing a sustainable use of biodiversity-derived resources and new job opportunities. As a main legacy of the NBFC, a Biodiversity Scientific Gateway will be established which will act as a National Centre to drive the development of biodiversity-related KETs (including ICT) to enhance research fostering the science-to-policy processes in conservation, restoration, and valorization in biodiversity.  

The general objectives of such a unique cross-disciplinary and innovative platform are:

In concrete terms, the NBFC aims at addressing interdisciplinary and frontier research and innovation activities devoted to the monitoring, conservation, restoration and valorization of Italian biodiversity.