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National Biodiversity Future Centre (NBFC) focuses on the Mediterranean area (biodiversity hotspot) and addresses global challenges related to the protection and restoration of marine, coastal, transitional and terrestrial ecosystems: in particular, NBFC carries out research and promotes the development of practices for monitoring, conservation, valorisation and restoration of the biodiversity, including genetic and functional aspects, in order to counter the effects of anthropogenic impact and climate change and to support ecosystem services. At the same time, NBFC supports research and innovation activities for the enhancement of biodiversity through processes of circular economy and restoration ecology and economy, with the primary objective of protecting the resources provided by ecosystems and at the same time ensuring the quality of personal well-being.


The study of biodiversity at different levels and the growing availability of technology innovations will allow to identify new products, processes (bioprospecting - biotechnology) and solutions (Nature Based Solutions - NBSs) able to sustain and preserve the ecosystems, and to be inspired by biodiversity as a source of new drugs, nutraceuticals, food, and materials valuable in terms of efficacy and sustainability. The latter objective is therefore connected to the promotion of the economic, social, and environmental value of biodiversity, also adopting circular economy and restoration economy approaches in the ecological transition.

The mechanisms able to reduce the management costs of anthropogenic impacts on biodiversity will particularly be studied to also identify processes for the valorization of biological raw materials and residual biomasses with the aim of substituting high impact productions and identifying reliable decarbonization strategies and processes to obtain renewable materials, goods, and energy.

NBFC marine research activities concern discard and bycatch reduction and a more sustainable recreational fishery and also sustainable business model for marine biodiversity protection. Moreover, in the terrestrial context some of the activities focused on CO2 sequestration, carbon storage and urban reforestation. Such interventions will eventually have both direct and indirect effects on human health and wellbeing, including temperature and pollution decrease, risk reduction of multi-resistant pathogens outbreak and improvement of the touristic value of degraded areas and overall quality of the living environments, lifestyle, and food economy, through the improvement of ecosystems quality and health, increasing the ability to provide ecosystem goods and services. In this regard, NBFC is developing innovative biosensors for early detection of pollutants and algorithms to identify exposome factors predictive.


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National Biodiversity Future Center

Biodiversity constitutes the network of life, it is important to preserve it: this was the start of NBFC


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